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Trim Flying club have always held the opinion that a flying club can have all the members in the world but the favourate members will always be the aircraft.

At the heart of our flying club are our two beautiful Cessna 172 aircraft. We pride ourselves on having two amazing aircraft that we can rely on 7 days of the week to give our members endless flying hours touring,not ireland, but europe.

All the information can be found here on our aircraft and we have no doubt that when you read the details below you will understand why we hold our heads high at Trim Flying Club and show off our fleet at every opportunity.

Yankee Juliette

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Yankee Juliette isthe pride of our fleet. She is an aircraft that we looked long and hard for before we settled on a Cessna that was right for our club.

we know that our members deserve that little special something when they take to the skies and it is for that reason that we settled on this aircraft for our club ad we know she will serve us well and provide our members with many happy hours flying for years to come.

Delta Delta Charlie

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Delta Delta Charlie is a true workhorse and a delightfull plane to pilot. This Cessna 172 has served our club an unspeakable quantity of faultless hours in the skies. she is a shining example of how this style of aircraft is ideal for the novice and learner pilot. Day in day out she takes to the air affording our members the opportunity to learn in comfort and relie on her robust build to bring our members home safely every time.

There are many PPL holders in Ireland today who can attribute theri success in a large part to this fine Cessna

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Connect with Trim Flying Club through social media and keep up to date with news and events. As well as airfield closures, aircraft maintenance and updates.

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