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We often get asked can we hire out our aircraft to members of the public. Although we do our best to be as helpfull as we can there are certain things that we are at present unableto assist with. Full details of our current standing relating to aircraft hire is outlined below.

Trim Flying Club is a voluntary flying club, not a commercial service organisation, which is run by its members who contribute their time and energy on a regular and on going basis to the operations of the club, the upkeep of the club aircraft, its facilities and the operations of the airfield itself.

The club is unable to offer aircraft for hire or rental on a short term basis for training, hour building or touring.

You must become a paid up member of Trim Flying Club, elected by nomination of the committee to be insured and signed off to fly available aircraft.

We recommend you contact some of the Commercial Flying schools with your query to hire aircraft.

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