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Once you have taken the first step and begun your Pilot training you are on the right track to becoming qualified. An important part of the process in obtaining your PPL (Private Pilot Licence). A fundimental part of the training is hour building. As flight training ultimately involves the aquisition of hours in command of the aircraft it is essential that you have access to an aircraft to do so. As a member of Trim flying club we offer you access to our training aircraft DDC(Delta Delta Charlie).

Please check back frequently to see if ye are offering introduction flights.

As part of this process there are two options available to the budding pilot depending on the level you are currently at in your flight training

Instructed Flying

If you wish to build hours under the supervision of one of our instructors then we will be delighted to assist you. In order to book yourself a time that suits you simply fill in the the detailes required on AircraftClubs.Com.

Simply book a time that an instructor is available and you are ready to take to the skies.

Please remain aware of the time slot allocated to your flight and arrive in plenty of time before you are due to fly. Aircraft and instructors have a busy schedule especially during the summer months when the weather is fine and people are trying to get valuable flying time. Arriving on time allows this system to flow smoothly and afford each pilot an equal opportunity to fly.

Solo Flying

If you wish to build hours flying solo then the process is the same as above. In order to book yourself a time that suits you simply fill in the the detailes required on AircraftClubs.Com.

Solo flying can be a pleasurable experience and a very rewarding past time. There are a few basic considerations to take into account before you leave trim airfield. Please be aware of weathere conditions both at Trim and at your destination airfield. Please reamin ever vigilant of time as there may be another pilot waiting to use the aircraft on your return. Please ensure that you only use the aircraft during your allocated time slot. This will ensure each pilot has a fair opportunity to build hours.

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Connect with Trim Flying Club through social media and keep up to date with news and events. As well as airfield closures, aircraft maintenance and updates.

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