Introductory Flight Terms & Conditions


Introductory Flight details:
The receipt for the Intro Flight (from PayPal) must be presented on the day of the lesson. There is no guarantee the flight will take place if the instructor cannot determine that the Intro Flight has been paid for in advance.  

Expiry date:
Trim Flying Club will honour all receipts for Intro Flights within a reasonable amount of time, up to two years from date of purchase.

Cancellation policy:
If you wish to change your booking, just contact us or email us in advance. We will try to get you booked in again as soon as is possible. We ask that don’t leave it until the last moment (the day of) to let us know you are unable to turn up for your appointment as the instructor will be waiting patiently to go flying.You should also have your instructor telephone number with your booking, so ring them or send them a text within a suitable time frame. He is going flying anyway with or without a passenger.

Irish Weather:
Please note that as flying is a weather dependent hobby, aircraft availability etc, the instructor will make a decision closer to the time if the day will be suitable or not to fly and you may need to re-schedule to a
future date. These are usually factors outside of Trim Flying Club's control and we will always put the safety of our team and new members first. Just remember, we only fly by day (Visual Flight Rules) and in clear weather.

No Show :
If the student assigned to the flight slot does not show up and there is no contact with an instructor or operational contact for the scheduled lesson then their Intro Flight is deemed to be invalid.Please do not ask us for a refund if you have not tried to contact us in advance as it costs money and time to line up your booking and instructor.

Aircraft Maintenance:
Our Aircraft are required to undergo maintenance inspections (including an oil & filter change) every 50 hours at a minimum. We work with our maintenance engineers to schedule these inspections at times that do not impact our flight schedules and Intro Flights, however from time to time, this is outside of our control and our Aircraft must be taken out of service for 24-48 hours. If this happens and you have a date scheduled to fly, we will accommodate you on a new date at no extra cost.

Refund Policy:
All vouchers are non-refundable after 7 days from date of purchase.

General Policy: 
It is in our interest for you to fly, we will try to accommodate any change in your request as best we can, however we will always work with you to fly and enjoy your experience.



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