Thinking of trying an intro flight?

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So you want to takethe first step and take to the skies for the first time. We at trim flying vlub frequently oprn our doors to people who want to take an introduction flight.

Please check back frequently to see if ye are offering introduction flights.

We are currently offering intro flights to PPL holders who are interested in joining our club.

We are currently not in a position to offer intro flights to non pilots until further notice.( Updated 06/10/2014 )

Introduction Flight

Learning to fly and controlling an aircraft in the sky demands a new set of personal skills which a person must master. Everyone will remember their first flight and air experience which may lead to joining a flying club like Trim Flying Club to obtain their Private Pilots Licence (PPL).

There are many exciting things to experience and view from the air, Trim Castle, Tara Hill, Newgrange, Slane Castle, The Irish Sea, however as you will probably be so busy concentrating at the controls of a real aircraft for the first time with one of our experienced instructors, looking out the window at the countryside may be optional.

Joining a club is a big commitment, however Trim Flying Club offers an introductory Flight to the public which allows you to fly with one of our senior instructors in the local flying area for up to one hour. Your flying instructor will explain details of the flight. The flight contributes towards full membership of Trim Flying Club.

The Intro flight of either 30, 45 or 60 minutes is just perfect for anyone who has always dreamed about getting airborne, starting out for possibly a long term flying career, either privately or commercially.

The air experience is the first step on the ladder to completing your Private Pilots Licence (PPL). Purchase your Introductory Flight today !!

There are sure to be plenty of questions if you are thinking about going flying, please dont hesitate to contact us through our contact us section with all your questions and we can help you in your decision.

Our support staff can be reached as follows: or on our contact page

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Connect with Trim Flying Club through social media and keep up to date with news and events. As well as airfield closures, aircraft maintenance and updates.

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