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For those of you with your heart set on gaining your private pilot licence Trim Flying Club can take you from complete novice with no experience at all to fully licenced private pilot licence holders.

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Please note that student pilot applications for 2015 are now closed We will re-open applications in 2016 for new pilot training.

PPL Course Detail

PPL Course - Whats involved?

The PPL (Private Pilots Licence) is a comprehensive flight training course designed to bring you from ab initio to a fully qualified Private Pilot. Initially when you begin your training,and before you go solo, you will need to apply for your students pilots licence, for this you will complete an aviation Class 2 Medical issued by an authorized medical examiner to make sure you are safe to fly. On completion of your medical, receiving your students licence and having clocked up around 10-15 hours of basic appreciation of flying, you will be sent SOLO by your instructor. The first time you are sent solo is when you are well on your way to becoming a full qualified pilot. Ground study takes place along with your flight training. This usually takes place over the winter period when students can expand on their basic knowledge to take them to the next level of training. Sometimes called Night Classes they take place one night a week from 7-10pm. Trim Flying Club do not charge for this service to its students. The student must pass exams in each of these topics as set out by the Irish Aviation Authority. When your flight training is complete and you have around 45-55 hours of flying logged, you will be able to apply for your Pilots Skills Test with an approved Irish Aviation Authority Examiner. The final skills test must be completed within 2 years of passing your last exam. Achievements along your training program will include:

Introduction to basic flight appreciation
First Solo flight
Introduction to cross country flying
Solo cross country flying
Flight Test with an Irish Aviation Authority Examiner

Age Requirements:
Students may begin flight training at any age, however they must comply with the following:
A student must be at least 15 years old to count flight hours towards a Pilots Licence
A student must be at least 16 years old before the first solo flight.
A student must be at least 17 years old before a full Pilots Licence will be granted.
The PPL course is held over 45 hours flying time (minimum), broken down into individual flight exercises designed to give the student a complete understanding of Flight safety and appreciation.
The JAR-PPL Syllabus exercises are:

1. Familiarisation with the aeroplane
2. Preperation for flight and action after flight
3. Air Experiences
4. Effects of controls
5. Taxying and emergencies
6. Straight and Level Flight
7. Climbing
8. Descending
9. Turning
10. Slow flight and stalling
11. Spin awareness & avoidance
12. Take Off and climb to downwind position
13. Circuit, approach and landing
14. First Solo
15. Advanced turning
16. Forced Landing without power
17. Precautionary landings

18. Navigation, weather, map reading and navigation skills
18b Navigation at lower levels and reduced visibility
18c Radio navigation
19. Basic instrument flying

JAR-FLC-PPL Aeroplane Theoretical Knowledge Examinations:
There are also ground exams as outlined above, the candidate must take as part of their aviation training.

The exams are:

This is a two hour exam and 60 questions are asked. The pass mark is 75%. The exam covers aircraft performance, general navigation, meteorology, mass & balance, operational procedures pertaining to the operation of a VFR flight.

This is a 30 minute examination and 16 questions are asked. The pass mark is 75%.
3. AIR LAW This is a 90 minute examination and 44 questions are asked. The pass mark is 75%.
This is a 2 hour examination and 60 questions are asked. The pass mark is 75%. The exam covers systems such as electrics, brakes and undercarriage, theory of flight, engines, instruments relating to single engine aircraft.

These subjects are tested by the Irish Aviation Authority on the last Friday of every two months in Dublin. The exams are all done in one day, two in the morning, two in the afternoon. Topics covered while studying for the IAA theoretical examinations include:

Air Law
Aeroplane, General knowledge
Flight Performance & Limitations
Operational Procedures
Princlples of Flight

The eight subject matters are examined in accordance with JAR-FCL. The IAA Authority is required to ask from 150-200 questions over the 8 subjects. They ask 180 questions across the 4 examinations as outlined above. This essentially allows the student 2 minutes per question in every subject. These are all listed out in the IAA Personnel Licensing Order (2000).

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