Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Revalidation

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PPL Revalidation

If you havent flown in some time and would like to take to the skies again. Let us at Trim Flying Club help you.

How do you keep a Pilots Licence current?

A JAR issued Private Pilots Licence (PPL) is issued for 5 years which is renewed through the Irish Aviation Authority in Dublin, or state of issue.

There are two parts to a Pilots Licence that must be renewed, the actual licence itself and the flying endorsement which will have different ratings depending on what type of aircraft you fly. With your initial Private Pilots Licence (PPL) you will have an andorsement for a Single Engine Piston (SEP) Land Plane.

Your flying revalidation takes place every two years and requires the following:
Flown 12 hours in the preceeding 12 months prior to licence or endorsement expiry
Flown 6 of these 12 hours as Pilot in Command (P1)
Flown at least 1 hour with an instructor within the previous 12 months prior to expiry
Flown 12 take off and landings within the previous 12 months prior to expiry.

PPL SEP re-validation must be signed off by a current IAA Flight Examiner
The two methods to remain current are:
(1) By proficiency check with an IAA Flight Examiner
(2) By experience as above

Note: as from April 2012 (April 2013 in Ireland), new EASA Licences which will replace current JAR licences will be non-expiring, however flying endorsements will still need to be renewed every two years.

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