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Special Intro Rates €99 / 30 mins or €150 for 60 mins

Thinking of completing your private pilots licence? Contact us for an introductory flight. Prices start at only €99 for a thirty minute flight, €130 for forty five minutes and €150 for sixty minutes, all flights with an instructor. Simply go to our "contact us" section on our website and email us your details, or phone one of our members listed there for further information. 

If you hold a private pilots licence and would like to join our club you should also go to our "contact us" section and email us with your details. You can have up to three intro flights with no commitment, but we are confident you will not be disappointed. 

Our rates are very competitive which generates a good deal of interest from students and pilots from all over Leinster so sometimes we may have to temporarily place people on a waiting list, but we will do our utmost to facilitate you. For this reason please DO NOT purchase a flight using our "Buy Now" button untill we have a flight arranged for you. 

30 minute Flight - €9945 minute Flight - €13060 minute Flight - €150.

Contact us today if you wish to take an Intro Flight or purchase one for someone else. Trim your flying costs with us today !

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